What we offer


Education: strengthening HIV+ women with knowledge and skills

The Women Rising Project has several educational offerings designed to support women with HIV and AIDS.  Educational programs include the Rising Star University, Health Seminars, and the Rising Times Newsletter.

Rising Star University
Rising Star University is a peer-based, peer-driven HIV education series of eight classes taught by experts in a range of medical and healthy living areas.  Rising Star University is offered annually for HIV+ women.

Health Seminars
The Women Rising Project offers short educational programs periodically during the year on health-related topics designed to offer HIV+ women the opportunity to keep pace with developments in HIV management and healthy living skills.

Rising Times Newsletter
The Rising Times Newsletter is a quarterly publication featuring stories and perspectives by and about women with HIV and AIDS, health information, news and views on relevant issues, supportive commentary, and notices of upcoming programs and events.

Support: strengthening HIV+ women with connections and social networks

The Women Rising Project makes many different types of support available to women with HIV or AIDS living in Central Texas.  Support activities for members of the Project include Get Lifted, Social Support, Fall Weekend Retreat and Taking a Day Retreats.

Get Lifted Support Group
Get Lifted is a weekly support group that provides a safe place for HIV+ women to come together and express their concerns, nurture hope, feel inspired, experience joy, and gain valuable insights into coping with the challenges of everyday living.

Social Support
Activities throughout the year are designed as a networking opportunity to bring HIV+ women together for connection, celebration and relaxation in a supportive, safe environment.

Fall Weekend Retreat
The Women Rising Project supports a weekend getaway in the Texas Hill Country which offers HIV+ women an opportunity to nurture and build connections, attend health education sessions and support programs, participate in art projects, enjoy outdoor activities and just relax in a safe, supportive environment.

Taking a Day Retreats
Taking a Day Retreats, for HIV+ women, provide an environment for sisterhood, creativity through art, and skills-building activities for healthy living.


Advocacy: strengthening HIV+ women by speaking up and speaking out

The Women Rising Project works to represent the interests of HIV+ women through its varied advocacy activities, which include Together We Rise performances and Volunteer Speakers.

Together We Rise
A short dramatic performance that reflects the different faces of women with HIV and AIDS, the struggles they face, and their triumph of coming together from behind closed doors.  Through support and love, HIV+ women emerge from crippling isolation and gain the strength to tear down obstacles to live powerful, productive, healthy lives.  This performance piece, conceived in 2004, is performed at conferences and HIV/AIDS awareness events.

Raise Our Voices
A peer-based leadership effort to strengthen women’s voices for the health and supportive services that meet the needs of HIV+ women.