Untitled poem

This poem is part of a series written by women living with HIV and AIDS in Central Texas. This poem was originally recited at the Women’s Giving Circle Luncheon on May 6, 2015.

Women Rising Project means so much to so many of us women
We need each other not to just listen
Not to judge what’s up in your life
It’s a sisterhood that can only be explained as a flower with many petals
Each petal is important
When one has need the others are there to help, to guide, to give hugs
There is so much I can say, but for now …
It’s wonderful to be able to express oneself no matter what’s up in your life
Women Rising Project is a whole bunch of flowers that can give voice
To those who are afraid to be in the spotlight
We are a sisterhood that has many voices who say
HIV can’t stop us from living our lives to the fullest.



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