Untitled Poem

This poem is part of a series written by women living with HIV and AIDS in Central Texas. This poem was originally recited at the Women’s Giving Circle Luncheon on May 6, 2015.

I didn’t really love me enough
but I said I did, but I really didn’t.
That’s because I really didn’t know
myself and how could I.
I never really took the time.

I was so busy trying to make sure
some other man validated me through
his time and affection. I forgot to look out for me.
I forgot just because one person can’t handle
the weight of my value doesn’t mean I’m not

Love has to be a reflection and I’m talking
more than one person to another if I can’t
look in the mirror and love myself, the
person God truly created me to be then how
can I be in a position to completely love
someone else. How can I know when someone
is truly loving me.

So I guess I have been spending a lot of time
getting to know myself being honest about
my flaws and all and I’ve never been more
free and I can honestly say that now
I love me.



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